What to Know Before the First Class
All Classes
Students must be enrolled at the studio’s front desk before
entering their first class of the session.  Enrollment means
the completion of the following:

An emergency release form has been filled out and

If you are an adult doing a drop in, then the single class
2.      Full payment of class tuition or a 50% deposit has
been made. must be made before going into class.

3.      Student name and information has been entered into
office registration book.

Also,while we will still maintain our policy of allowing make-ups for
missed work, it is the responsibility of the student / parent to clarify the
specific date for which the make-up is being done. If you can’t tell the
office the specific class for which you are doing a make-up, you won't
be able to use it. You must give the office the information before going
into class. Please remember that you may only do make-ups within the
session that you missed that class. Once the session has ended, you
lose the make-up.

Thank you!
2720 Del Rio Place
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 756-3949