Second Wind Dance Class
Second Wind Dance Class
Noon - 1:00pm

Second Wind is a phrase that used to mean getting a renewed burst of energy... Getting your
"second wind" so to speak, and being able to move forward with a new energies...

This class was originally created for adults who had spent a large portion of their lives, raising
families, working jobs, and taking care of others... It was conceived as a class for adults who
were at a point in their lives where they had more free time and energy to spend time on
themselves and their own interests and developed around a syllabus for people who had
either never danced before OR who had taken a long "holiday" from their dance training.

Taught by Pamela Trokanski since 1993, the class focuses on alignment, coordination,
balance and more, through a combination of jazz, ballet, and contemporary movement all set
to a wide range of music. Build neural-plasticity along with flexibility!

Funded by the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre, this class is free to adults 65 and older!,

For those dancers interested in performance opportunities, the Second Wind class is a great
way to start moving and build the skills that one could use in The Third Stage Dance
Company, a multi-generational company that works with the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre.

What some of our participants say:

The class has helped me with balance, and with an over-all sense of being grounded in my
body.  Never having been a dancer, I have such fun experiencing the joy of expressive
movement!  ...Bev

I have greatly benefited from participating in the Second Wind class. It is one of the high
points of my week, because I enjoy dancing and the real health benefits I know I am getting
from keeping active this fun and deeply satisfying way. In addition I have made new friends
there among people my age.... Sue

It’s hard to explain, but my body just feels better because of her class. I’m more aware of how I
sit, stand, balance, and more.  Pamela always explains how certain movements are good for
our brains and I’m sure she’s correct. She’s a gifted teacher and I love the way she
shares her knowledge with us and does with such joy.  I have made friends in Second Wind
that I never would have known otherwise.  The class is a REAL dance class with not much
fooling around, but I always leave laughing or at least smiling. ....Ellen

The dance class has helped me with mobility, standing straighter, and flexibility.  As I got older,
with more aching joints, I thought I'd have to give up dance classes.  I had been in ballet
classes for 30 years, and could no longer do the classes because of health issues.  It was
such a joy to find out about a class that I still can do.  Moving to music is good for the soul! ...
...Movement that Matters