Dance Workshop News & Updates
Celebrating 34 years of Dance in Davis!
So far it's been a wonderful new year! And now we're getting ready to start preregistration for Spring I classes...
Time goes fast!

Spring Schedule is posted on-line!  Your favorite classes return along with some exciting changes. The Dance
Workshop is welcoming new teacher, T
homas Allen Spencer whose professional name is Tase'. (See picture and bio below)

And, because we've had such a demand for Intro to Dance and Pre-Ballet A, we've opened up two new classes! There is now a
second Intro to Dance on Saturdays, from 10:30 - 11:15, taught by teacher Ana Hansen, and Pamela h
as added a Pre-Ballet A
to Mondays, from 3:30 - 4:15.

Save the Dates: Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2! It's Art in 4 Dimensions...Do you remember last fall when
people voted for their favorite work of art by five local artists? Well, after the vote, Pamela organized choreographers,
musicians and poets, who have all been working together to create new works of art based on five original pieces! Funded by
the City of Davis Arts Grant Award program, children 12 and younger come for FREE
and we are able to offer reduced ticket
prices of only $10, for everyone else! (Please note that, even though children 12 and younger come for free, they still need a
ticket so we make sure that everyone has a seat!) Show times are 7:00pm on Friday, with two shows on Saturday, with a
matinee at 3:00pm and a final show at 7:00pm.

And yes, we know that it seems early but...summer will be here relatively soon so we've already begun planning for our
summer camps! We'll be running summer camps for 8 weeks, for children 6 - 12, with one special week set aside for children
ages 5 - 8! The schedule will be out in hard copy, in the next few weeks.

Dance for Parkinson's  Our Dance for Parkinson's classes are taught by Pamela Trokanski, with former PTDT dancer and
current Bikram Yoga instructor Erin Dunning returning as a class assistant! This is one of the Dance Theatre's community
outreach programs, done in partnership with the Mondavi Center for the Arts & The Mark Morris Dance Group. Winter classes
will run for 10 weeks to March 19. After that, we'll take a one week break and then return to classes for the spring from April 2 -
June 4.

Do you, or someone you know, have Parkinson's Disease? These classes are about having fun and getting exercise within a
community that understands your needs. To find out more about this program, including how to register for this free class, just
click on the "Dance for Parkinson's" link above. Want to know more about the Dance Theatre's Community Outreach
Programs? Just go to the company's web site at  

Life in 11 Dimensions is coming to a parking lot near you! (It will be built on the existing parking lot with over 100 parking
spaces wrapped around to the back of the building) Life in 11 Dimensions is where all the elements of vibrant living can be
found in one place; creativity, education, health, relaxation, and community! (credit for that sentence goes to Sarita Pinto) Visit
and find out even more.

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The Life in 11Dimensions project is moving forward... We're looking forward to an exciting future!
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