2720 Del Rio Place
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 756-3949
Dance Workshop Faculty, continued
2016 - 2017

Valerie Quinonez
Valerie Quinonez: Dance is a
thriving cornerstone for Quinonez,
and one of the inspirations for her
. She began taking dance
lessons while studying art.

She joined the all-girl Salsa team at
Diana Studio in 2005, and
continued to study Salsa, Ballet and
Flamenco with Jasmin La Caris over
the next four years. Her dance
experience includes performing with
The Fresno State Salsa
Performance Team from 2009 until
2011.  In addition, Quinonez has
studied with some of the most
popular Salsa dancers in LA and
San Francisco, by attending
Bachata and Salsa Congresses,
including studying with Jo Quinonez
and Vince Torres.
Kestner De Vera
Hip Hop
Kestner De Vera has danced with Academy of Kings
and was a trainee under Boogie Monstarz of Fam
Royale in Sacramento, which includes the world
renowned crew, Jabbawockeez. He is currently one of
the directors for Agape Dance Team at UC Davis and
is the founder of Erahs Dance, both upcoming dance
groups locally. He acknowledges that he is a "forever
student of dance" and is constantly expanding his art
of freestyle, choreography and teaching.
Kristy Nguyen
Intro to Dance for children ages 3 - 5+
Kristy Nguyen has been dancing ballet for over
eight years, five of those years on pointe. She has
performed in 17 ballet productions and danced over
30 roles.

Kristy has also taken two years of dance at Davis
Senior High School under Pamela's instruction, so
she has experience with African, Jazz, and
Contemporary. In addition, Kristy has been teaching
dance and gymnastics for the past two years. When
Kristy isn't dancing she loves to do other art forms,
from making jewelry to sketching pictures.
Manon Spycher
Manon Spycher began her dance
training at a young age and over the last
decade has been trained in classical
ballet, jazz and Zumba. Manon has taught
Zumba classes for adults, ballet classes
for teens, and a creative movement class
for children aged 3 to 5

Manon also has over a decade’s worth of
working with children, working as a nanny
and babysitter for children between the
ages of newborn and 13. She has always
found joy in helping and watching
children learn, grow and discover their
creative side. Above all, Manon believes
that dance is powerful and important and
should be fun for and accessible to all..
Lisa Boyce
Lisa Boyce is a licensed Registered
Nurse, Health Coach and Personal
Trainer (certified by the American
Council on Exercise), and has been
practicing and teaching yoga since
2001. She is passionate about helping
her clients and students maximize their
health and well-being through nutrition,
mindful movement, and stress
management. She believes that
practicing yoga is a powerful form of
self-care. In addition to yoga, her
classes include elements of functional
strength training, Pilates, and
corrective exercises for injury
prevention and rehabilitation.
Bob Stephenson
Bob Stephenson has studied kung fu,
tai chi, and qigong for ten years on his
way to becoming a certified instructor in
each of those disciplines.

He has taught Pilates, kung fu, tai chi,
qigong, and self defense in California,
Canada, Washington state, and Arizona.

His teaching philosophy is, in his words:

Your body is your friend. Listen to her:
she will guide you. Stop or alter an
exercise that does not feel right. Steady,
peaceful progress… Your body will show
you the way. Enter into the peace and
serenity of Pilates; leave feeling energized