Juliette Arroyo

Juliette has over 25 years of training in world dance
styles. She has focused on Middle Eastern dances
and rhythms since she was 10. She traveled to
Egypt twice to study and in 2001 she took classes
abroad with several dance masters. In the US, she
has taken numerous dance workshops with the best
instructors in a diverse range of styles. She has
taught Belly Dance technique, Middle Eastern
Dance, and fitness classes for over 14 years and
has performed at numerous restaurants and clubs,
for special occasions, in festivals, and in music
videos. She has studied dance at the college level
taking classes in ballet, jazz, modern dance, and

In addition, she has taken courses in Arabic
language and Middle Eastern history. She has also
studied Arabic drumming, the Egyptian “Zagat," the
Lebanese “Debka," Eastern Sufi traditions, and
Persian dances.

Juliette served as the Arabic dance choreographer
for the Hairenick Armenian Dance Ensemble in
1998. In 1995, she toured across the US with
Persian singer and entertainer "Huttan”. She is a
former member of the Aisha Ali Dance Company
and performed ethnic dances at the LA Festival in
1993. In 2004 she produced and directed the first
Arab-esque Dance Concert with over 70 performers,
bringing together choreographers and dancers
working in contemporary world dance traditions.

Currently, Juliette is the director of Arab-esque
Productions and the main choreographer for the
Andalosi Dance Company performing contemporary
and traditional dances inspired by the sounds of the
Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. She
has written and published several articles on Belly
Dance and its history and is the director of the belly
dance troupe “Arabesque Dancers” and the Arabic
dance group “Raa Asah Arabesque”.  Along with her
dance work, she is also an architectural historian.
2720 Del Rio Place, Davis, CA 95618
(530) 756-3949