Dress Code
Appropriate clothing is required for all classes1
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All Classes

  1. Outdoor shoes may never be worn in the studios
  2. Dance shoes should not be worn outside
Creative Movement

  1. Leotards and tights
    Females: black leotard and pink ballet tights are preferred
    Males: black tights or leggings and white shirt
  1. Ballet slippers
    Properly fitted with elastic straps sewn on correctly
  1. Hair up and out of faces with braids, buns, ponytails, barrettes or headbands

    Tutus, skirts or attached skirts, tiaras

Pre-Ballet attire is fine, but, bare feet and shorts over a leotard or shorts or leggings with a snug t-shirt
is also fine.  Hair up and out of face.

  1. Leotards and tights
    Females: black leotard and ballet pink tights. Older adult women have the option to wear
    black leotards and black tights.
    Males: black tights, dance belt and white shirt
  1. Ballet slippers
    Properly fitted with elastic straps sewn on correctly.
    Pink slippers are preferred for girls/women, and whole sole, not "split sole" are preferred
    for beginning levels. (The whole sole gives the foot a better work out.)
  1. Long hair up in a bun and off the neck
  2. Tight knit warm ups are permitted

    Skirts, T-shirts, baggy pants and sweat pants. No warm up jackets at the barre! (If the winter leaves
    you feeling chilly, wear form fitting knit layers.

    For dancers taking Pointe, please be aware that we do not allow Elastomeric Pointe shoes. If you
    have questions, please discuss this with your teacher.
Jazz & Dance Team

  1. Leotards and tights, unitards or knee hugging jazz pants
  2. Long hair must be up in a braid, bun or pony tail
  3. Knee pads are permitted for floor work
  4. Ballet slippers or jazz oxfords, not dance sneakers, are required for level Beginning II and higher

    Loose pants, sweats and loose T-shirts, skirts

  1. Bare feet, foot "undies" for turns
  2. Long hair should be up in a braid, bun, or ponytail
  3. Females: leotards and tights or unitard, black for Level 2 and higher.
    Males: fitted T-shirt with bike shorts, dance belt, leggings and leotards, jazz pants or unitard
 Prohibited: Loose pants, loose T-Shirts, skirts

Hip Hop, Earth Rhythms, Tap, Zumba

  1. Clothing that is neither restrictive nor too loose
  2. Dance wear, sweats, T-shirts, jazz pants, bike shorts and fitted tops
  3. Hair should be up in a braid, bun, or ponytail

    Skirts with the exception of Earth Rhythms or Dance for Musical Theater, when requested by the
Clothes suitable for exercise, including a loose skirt or pants with a tank top,  leotard, or tee shirt. Clothing
that reveals the body line allows for easier correction of posture and technique. A coin belt or hip sash is
recommended, and for Cabaret Style, finger cymbals are suggested. Otherwise,  no props are required for
the Level I class.
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