Class Costs
WHILE MANY OF OUR SESSIONS DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR are eight week sessions, Spring II is a
5 or 6 week session, depending on your / your child's participation in the student concert. This keeps us
in alignment with the Davis School District end of school year dates.
If you are new to us, you are only
doing a five week session and therefor the costs will be less than noted below.

SPRING II SESSION IS A FIVE or SIX WEEK SESSION. Please ask the office staff any questions you
may have.

WE DO NOT BILL. It is the responsibility of our students/parents to in form themselves of session
beginning and ending dates.
TUITION IS NON-TRANSFERABLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE. Please note that the multiple class
discount applies only  for classes paid for at the same time.

Class Costs: For Six Week Session:
45 Minute & 60 Minute Classes:
                       75 & 90 Minute Classes:
Single class rate: $ 15.00
                                  Single class rate: $ 16.00
1 class per week: $ 75.00                                   1 class per week: $ 81.00
2 classes per week: $147.00                             2 classes per week: $159.00
3 classes per week: $216.00                             3 classes per week: $234.00
4 classes per week: $282.00                             4 classes per week: $306.00
5 classes per week: $345.00                             5 classes per week: $375.00
6 classes per week: $405.00                             6 classes per week: $441.00
7 classes per week: $462.00                             7 classes per week: $504.00

Sign up for six tuition classes and get the 7th tuition class for FREE!
Sign up for six tuition classes and get the 7th tuition class for FREE!
8 classes per week $528.00
9 classes per week: $540.00
10 classes per week: $570.00
11+ classes per week: $600.00

All children's classes are by tuition only. If you are unsure if your child really wants to be in the class,
you may pay for a one time, "try it out class" for the first week. If you continue, the price of the paid single
will be deducted from the tuition for that class.

There is a 10% late fee applied to outstanding tuitions, after the first week of classes. This does not
necessarily apply to new, incoming students, (new students have several options for payment). Please
note that, as we begin taking registration for continuing students three weeks before a new session
begins, there are actually four weeks for registration, before a late fee is charged.

DANCE CARDS: AVAILABLE FOR TEENS AND ADULTS ONLY: They must be brought to class with you
every time you take a class. If you don't bring it with you, you will need to do a paid single.

Please note that Dance Cards are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-replaceable. They may be
used for any class regularly scheduled by the workshop with the exception of the Pointe Class.
Because Dance Cards don't expire, make sure not to lose them! It would be like losing cash - when
it's lost, it's lost.

They come in different sizes:
4/$55                      8/$108                  12/$159                
16/$208                20/$255                24/$300